The Company

The factory, the envisioned e-lectric future, the development of the prototype, the construction of the Scania truck for serial production.

The Team

The expertise of our staff members, an adequate understanding of human nature, the mutual respect and our sense of responsabilty makes us a good team.

Vision and Mission

A presentation ofthe planned developments up to 2020. A detailed description of our serial production related plans and intentions.


Freight costs reduction, range increasing solutions, charging from industrial power source; Hungarian product, manu-factured in Hungary.

Return On Investment

Lifespan expect-ancy, return on investment during a 10 years lifecycle (in EUR) compared to the traditional refuse truck.

Research & Development

We currently work on the implementation of several projects. Our goal is to populate the roads with buses and lorries driven by our propulsion system.

Electromega Ltd.

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