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The refuse truck with electric drive by Electromega Kft. as a unique development in Hungary completely overwrites the image of dirty, smelly, loud, therefore highly pollutant waste transporting vehicles, because it glides quietly on the streets while collecting diligently the waste and producing zero emissions. Our mission is to protect the environment. Completely environment-friendly electric-powered refuse truck with zero emissions. Through our innovative development, the electric propulsion, we pursue the mitigation of urban air pollution, and through continuous developments we are assisting the creation of an electric future. Our goal is environmental improvement through development.

The Experts of the Future

The future is important to us as a company, therefore we support future research engineers in acquiring practical knowledge, and that is probably the most important competence when seeking employment. Students have the opportunity to join in the research-development process, while assisting our researchers in their work, and familiarize themselves with future technologies. At the same time they have the opportunity to better assess the talents they possess, and in case of enlargement we can immediately offer them employment. In addition to the knowledge engineers can bring, we appreciate the expertise of other professionals too, and for this reason we have ongoing agreements with several secondary schools besides the University of Debrecen.

Current Job Offers

Through our innovative solutions we pursue to close the gap between environmental protection and vehicle use, and also to promote our country in terms of competitiveness. Our goal is to simplify, easen and make our customers' life greener through the services we provide, so that we may earn repeatedly their trust.

If you cannot find an open position matching your expectations and abilities, but you are interested in working at Electromega Kft., please send us your CV together with a letter of motivation, so that we may inform you of any future opportunities. Please always point out in your letter the positions you pursue!

Send your CV and letter of motivation to the following e-mail address:

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Why work for us?


The smoothness and speed of the processes in the company's areas of activity is assured by the expertise and outstanding experience of our colleagues. Whether you're an engineer, IT specialist, economist or salesperson, if you wish to be among the best, do join us!


Our company has been on the market for just a few years, but we addressed the matter of responsibility very consciously even from the very beginning. We have committed ourselves to protect the environment, but as a company we also want to stress the importance of sustainable development.

Personal Development

You will have the opportunity to work on our research and development projects as a member of a very diverse team, and also be able to find out more about future technologies. You will attain a rare baggage of knowledge by familiarizing yourself with the unique technologies available at our company.

Good to Belong Here

In addition to having the best team in terms of technical tasks, you will find here work colleagues with whom you'd enjoy spending time even after work.

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