Electromega URBAN

For urban use

18 tonne (urban) electric refuse truck for urban and residential areas

Urban waste collection is a significant element of sustainable cleanliness, and it can be managed by using a silent, modern and eco-friendly vehicle.


  • completely environment-friendly electric-powered refuse truck with zero emissions;

  • simple drive train, innovative techniques, a technology for the future;

  • the batteries do not require the installation of any special charging apparatus, because the vehicle is equipped with an on-board charger, so that they can be charged from 400V-32A industrial outlets, during an 8-10 hour charging cycle time;

  • excellent quality, weight-optimised superstructure, with a volume of 15 m³;

  • new elevator type S-K250 throw-in unit, compatible with the following standard bins (volume in litres): 2x110, 2x120, 2x360, 1x770, and 1x1100. The throw-in unit's cycle time is 8-15 seconds.

The Engine

AC (Asynchronous motor)


160 kW (max. 300 kW)


Error-free, intelligent and reliable


The electric drive control, unique self-developed control system. The propulsion principle of our fully electric-powered garbage trucks is perfectly suited for heavy weight vehicles of all types and sizes. Furthermore, its electric drive system suits anything from passenger cars to 23 tonne trucks with versatile application possibilities, such as mini vans, garbage collecting vehicles, sweepers, trucks and buses.


LiFePO4 - 122 kWh

Charging time

9 hours - 400V, 32A

Operating range

80-100 km (single collection)


Service requirement of our electric truck is only 30% comparing to a traditional truck. We have no exhaust, catalyst and the associated sensors, there is no turbo, there is no fuel system of any kind, no clutch, gearbox and the list goes on. For example, deterioration on our break system is 75% less, due to the recharging solution we have in place. Considering, that the friction and heat release components on our garbage trucks are significantly less, our maintenance requires considerably lower service fees. Removing the gearshift from the truck, we significantly reduced the wear, consumption and regular fault occurrences. There is no engine oil and filter changes. The truck drives with a simple power train it has air conditioning and power steering. Due to the simplicity of our structure, chances of failures are minimalized.

Technical Specifications of the Body 


Working volume:
15 m³


Electro-hydraulically, controlled by microprocessor panel.

Compaction rate

For loose household waste:

Throw-in unit

New elevator type
S-K250 throw-in unit

Compatible standard bins

Bin dimensions compatible with the throw-in unit (in litres):
2x110, 2x120, 2x360, 1x770, 1x1100.

Cycle times of the units

The compacting unit's cycle time is 20-25 seconds,and the throw-in unit's cycle time is 8-15 seconds.

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