Innovative freight and waste transportation

The electric future of waste transportation

drive system

The propulsion principle of our fully electric-powered garbage trucks is perfectly suited for heavy weight vehicles of all types and sizes. It suits anything from passenger cars to 23 tonne trucks. Therefore the Electromega electrical drive system can be built into vehicles of any types and sizes, regardless of the chassis and the superstructure.


Refuse truck

Mini van





Zero Emissions and noise disturbance

Waste collection vehicles consume around 40-50-70 l gasoline daily, therefore emit large amounts of pollutants and noise, and maintaining the vehicle fleets is also burdensome. By adopting the electric waste collection vehicle we propose these problems would be eliminated, because in contrast with a conventional internal combustion engine driven refuse truck its operating and maintainance costs are significantly lower, it is more silent, and has zero emissions.

from industrial outlets

There is no need to put in place or purchase any special charging system for the electric waste transporting vehicle, because it can collect current from the mains power source (400V, 32A). Our vehicles use industrial outlets currently in use, and there is no need for additional investment. The charging time depends on the intensity of the current supplied by the mains power source, but at a standard current of 32A the battery is fully charged in 6-7 hours.

Operating Range

These garbage trucks can travel an average of 54,3 km daily. Due to the unique technical solutions designed by our engineers the Electromega electric waste transporting truck can cover a distance of at least 80 km.

Maximum Performance

The max. performance of the Electromega garbage truck is 200 kW.

Top Speed

The maximum top speed of the Electromega garbage truck is 80 kW.

Modern technology

The Electric Future of Waste Transportation 

Compared to an internal combustion engine driven truck the service requirements of our vehicle are about 30%. It has no exhaust, no catalyst or the associated sensors; there is no turbo, no fuel system of any kind, no clutch, no gearbox, etc. By removing the gearshift from the truck we significantly reduced the wear, the consumption and the regular fault occurrences. Similarly, the break system deterioration is 75% lower, due to the recharging solution we have in place. The maintenance implies considerably lower service fees, because the number of friction and heat release components is lower, therefore the engine lifetime is significantly prolonged, and general maintenance is never needed. Therefore engine oil and filter changes are also unnecessary. The vehicle is equipped with a simple power train. It has air conditioning and power steering. Due to the simplicity of its structure, the chances of abnormal failures are kept at a minimum.

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