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Our fully electric-powered refuse truck has zero emission and is completely environment-friendly. Through the innovative development of electric propulsion, we mitigate urban air pollution, and our continuous development activities sustain the creation of an electrical future.

Electromega MIDI

12 tonne (midi) electric refuse truck for narrow streets and city centers. Designed for narrow streets and city centers this truck collects waste in places that are hardly accessible by large waste collection trucks. It works without noise and any emissions in the immediate residential surroundings.

Electromega MEGA

26 tonne (midi) electric refuse truck for suburban areas. It is the ideal green waste collection vehicle for the refuse generated in the larger urban and suburban residential areas.

Electromega URBAN

18 tonne (urban) electric refuse truck for urban and residential areas. Urban waste collection is a significant element of sustainable cleanliness, and it can be managed by using a silent, modern and eco-friendly vehicle.

Electromega E-DRIVE

12, 18 and 26 tonne electric chassis. The EU type-approved fully electric chassis allow for the mounting of the bodies provided by our end users.

Electric Refuse Truck: environment-friendly, equipped with a simple power train

The Electromega electric refuse truck, equipped with a simple power train and the latest EV technology, is environment-friendly, end-user tested, reliable, efficient and sustainable. The electric propulsion technology offers a number of benefits for the waste collection industry. In striking contrast with the conventional waste collection trucks with these vehicles the noise disturbance can be minimised.Based on measurements the electric-powered refuse truck's noise impact is 20 decibels lower, because on one hand the electric engine produces less trafic noise, and on the other hand the additional output necessary for the waste compaction (the idling engine of the conventional diesel vehicle needs to be revved up for this procedure) takes place without noise, through the same resource. Therefore the annual gasoline costs of about 10 million HUF/car can be substituted by a six hundred thousand HUF electric bill.

In contrast with the diesel vehicles, another advantage of the above mentioned drive system could be the reduction of the environmental pollution - particularly carbon dioxide emissions - to zero in the operating area (the reduction of the enumerated negative environmental impacts may have other positive externalies, like health improvement, and consequently the reduction of governmental expenditure). The EU is committed to achieve a 60% reduction of GHG emissions from transport between 1990 and 2050. Which is also mentioned in the 2011 Transport White Paper containing the roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy in 2050.

Due to the previously described vehicle design the efficiency of the whole system is improved. The effciency of the electric asynchronous motor is almost 90%, which highly contrasts the 35-40% efficiency of the internal combustion engines.

In additon to that, the system does not require any special investment: the batteries can be operated and charged from either a 230 V domestic, or a 380 V industrial power source.

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