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10 years experience in electric propulsion, spent with experimenting and perfecting our technological solution in a racecar.


Further development of the existing technological design by adapting the powertrain to a minivan.

The Prototype

Our researchers are Mr István Bartha, Master Professor, and Attila Vitéz, Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Debrecen, who have actively participated in building the first Hungarian fully electric garbage truck prototype. At present, the vehicle is being used in Békéscsaba. This prototype has already performed more than 15,000 km without any serious faults. Under working conditions the vehicle consumes 800-900 Wh, and 550-600 Wh when running smoothly on the road, therefore it has a 90 km range while working, and a range of 120-130 km on the road.

The Serial Production Ready Scania 

The first serial production ready 100% electric refuse truck was built on a Scania chassis. It has one and a half times the performance of the prototype. Its operating range is 120 km under working conditions, and 180 km on the road, with a 160 kW engine output, and a 2500 Nm engine torque.

(drive system)

Our electric drive is perfectly suited for any type of vehicle. We plan on supplying our electric drive system to at least one significant Hungarian bus manufacturing company, and as a matter of course we also plan on providing significant quantities for international markets. Having reached the next level of development we have started working on the construction of a three-axle (26 tonne) electric heavy weight vehicle for waste transportation. In the foreseeable future (in about 3 years) we plan on developing an electric-powered lorry with an 800-1000 km driving range capacity for transportation companies.

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