Electromega Kft. was founded in 2009. The company is the owner of the electric drive train patent.  It is a second generation family business.


    Beginnings of R&D  

2013: the beginnings of the electric propulsion research and development. Building on existing experience the customization of electric propulsion was launched.

The very first refuse truck developed by our own team of engineers has already gathered waste in a range exceeding 15.000 km with no significant fault. Excellent user feedback.

The first       
refuse truck       

            The Prototype

Our second fully electric waste transporting vehicle with double performance. It complies with the legislation and the requirements of the transportation authorities; received the NNB-804 vehicle registration number, and was tested by the user.

Small serial production of the type developed based on the testing experience with the prototype. Preparing for the manufacturing of 10 + 10 fully electric garbage trucks for national and international markets.


         Serial Production

Repetitive manufacturing processes, favourable prices. Annual production of 450 vehicles - one third intended for the Hungarian market, and the remaining for international markets. In parallel, the launching of the research and development project aimed at increasing the operating range of the lorry to 800-1000 km.

Electromega Kft.

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