Our Vision

Construction of the first officially authorized fully electric waste collection vehicle that is more efficient than the conventional internal combustion engine driven refuse truck of the same category.

We aim to construct 3 size-versions of our refuse truck by 2020. The actually foreseeable serial production volume is at least 450 trucks per year. 100-150 / year of this being intended for the Hungarian market.

We plan on supplying our electric drive system to at least one significant Hungarian bus manufacturing company, and as a matter of course we also plan on providing significant quantities for international markets. 

We aim to develop and adapt for serial production the technology enabling the electric lorry to operate within an 800-1000 km range (according to the current stage of our knowledge).

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the environment. This can be fulfilled by adopting electric-powered refuse trucks with zero emissions, that are completely environment-friendly.

Waste collection vehicles consume around 40-50-70 l gasoline daily, therefore emit large amounts of pollutants and noise, and maintaining the vehicle fleets is also burdensome. By adopting the electric waste collection vehicle we propose these problems would be eliminated, because in contrast with a conventional internal combustion engine driven refuse truck its operating and maintainance costs are significantly lower, it is more silent, and has zero emissions. Furthermore, by using electric garbage trucks - that do not require oil for the combustion engine and other components - we will be relieved of about 60,000 litres of refuse oil yearly.

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